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Thank you for your interest in Planetblogged! Understanding what a client really wants can sometimes be a difficult task for the developer. That's why we put together these key questions to give us some insight into your project and help us determine how we can better serve you. Please feel free to answer or omit any question you wish (except those denoted as a required* field).
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    Do you want to integrate your social media or add a customized contact form? Please select one or more from the following list that you would like to see on your site. If something you need is not listed, please indicate in the Additional Comments section below.
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  • Example: "The best cookies on the planet, one batch at a time".
  • Words and phrases people will use to find you when searching the Internet. Please list each word/phrase separated by a semicolon (;). For example cookie; dough; best cookies in Texas
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    Feel free to list any information that you feel is important to your project, ask any question you may have, or list any feature that was not listed that you would like to see on your site. You may even list websites that inspire your design choices.